Dual Heat

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  • Dual Heat

    Designed with gourmet aficionados in mind, the Campingaz® Dual Heat technology provides superior cooking flexibility with several advantages, and the ability to create a variety of dishes simultaneously. 

    - 2 independent temperature and grilling zones
    - Flexibility to transform to 1 large temperature zone
    - Prevent flavour transfer – separate vegetarian delicacies and juicy meats
    - Save energy – save money!

    The technology combines two separate and individually manageable temperature zones in one barbecue, enabling you to simultaneously prepare various dishes at different temperatures - while guaranteeing a perfect heat distribution on the entire cooking surface. For added convenience, the heat zones dividers can also be removed, allowing you to maximise the use of the entire cooking surface with only one temperature. 

    Alternatively, cook only on one side of your grill without using unnecessary energy to heat the entire device, saving you time and money.

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