Plancha EXB
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Plancha EXB

Plancha EXB
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Enjoy incredible cooking versatility with the sleek and stylish Plancha EXB from Campingaz.

Available in both standalone and table top models, the Plancha EXB features high-performance steel burners and an enamel coated, cast iron cooking surface that offers consistent heat for even cooking. 

Perfect for creating a wide range of different dishes, the Planch EXB is perfect for families or groups who want to enjoy eating outdoors without compromising on variety.

  • Cooking Dimensions: 2800 cm²
  • Cooking Surface Configuration: Plancha
  • Cooking Surface Material: Enameled Stamped Steel
  • Power: 7500W
  • Burnur technology: Traditional burer
  • Number of Burners: 2
  • Ignition: Piezo
  • Type of Side tables: Foldable
  • Number of side tables: 2
  • Material of side tables: Steel
  • Trolley Material: Steel
  • Trolley Wheels: 2 Big
  • Cleaning System: Grease container
  • Wight: 40,8 KG
  • Dimensions open: 127.4 x 49.7 x 97.3 cm

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  • Easy to Clean Plancha

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