Plancha Master L
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The Master Plancha L pairs the latest burner technology with smart features to offer the ultimate in plancha cooking convenience. Its smooth cooking surface is ideal for cooking a range of dishes, especially more fragile vegetables, meats and fish. 

Firing up the Master Plancha L is quick and simple thanks to our InstaStart technology and integrated vents make it easy to check that the burners are lit. For ultimate performance, the Plancha Master L features our new Blue Flame technology offering outstandingly reliable heat across all of the cooking area. The cooking surface is constructed from enamelled cast iron which effectively conducts heat for perfectly cooked food.  

Adjustable legs make it easy to adapt the height of the barbecue to your surroundings. Once you have finished cooking, the Master Plancha L has been designed for easy cleaning with a removable grease cup that can be washed in the dishwasher.

  • Grösse Grillfläche: 2400 cm²
  • Masse Grillfläche: 60 x 40cm
  • Brenner: Edelstahl-Rohrbrenner mit Blue Flame Technology
  • Anzahl Brenner: 2
  • Leistung: 6 kW
  • Gasverbrauch: 437 g/h
  • Material Grillfläche: Enamelled Cast Iron
  • Zusammensetzung Grillfläche: Plancha
  • Beleuchtete Kontrollknöpfe: Ja
  • Zündung: InstaStart®
  • Deckelmaterial: Edelstahl gebürstet
  • Gewicht: 20 kg
  • Masse (B x T x H) cm: 65.4 x 49.6 x 15.5 cm
  • Optionale Abdeckhaube: Master Plancha Abdeckhülle

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