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Trolley Coolbag Tropic 5L
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Trolley Coolbag Tropic 5L

Trolley Coolbag Tropic 5L
Art Nr: 2000032198


 Price: 799Kč (CZK) plus-shipping
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Trolley Coolbag Tropic 5L soft coolers is ideal for the everyday city life. Not only will the Trolley Coolbag Tropic keep your snacks and drinks cold but the sleek and fashionable design will keep you looking young and dynamic. 

The Tropic range features unique and multi-functional soft coolers that can be easily used with a bike, a baby trolley, and a car. The exterior of the coolers is made of high quality polyester and the interior liners contain an antimicrobial agent that reduces bacteria. 

Keep cool with the Tropic; literally and figuratively

  • Insulation: 6mm EPE closed cell foam
  • Fit: 7 x 0.33L
  • Features: Attachable to baby trolleys, velcro for easy hang, removable outer shell, side pocket for accessory storage.
  • Insulation performance (+/- 1°C): 11h with Freez'Pack
  • Weight: 400g
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 40 x 33 x 11 cm

Feature-Highlights on one view

  • Antimicrobial Liner - Resists Odor, Mold and Mildew

    The Antimicrobial additive is bonded in the material and there is no risk of it being scratched or washed off. It is very strong and won’t weak over time - it’s there for the life of the product. 

    The Antimicrobial barrier ensures the product resists mold and mildew growth and it also blocks unpleasant odors from developing.

    It is totally safe. The active ingredient in the antimicrobial substance is also used in common dandruff shampoos and artificial food additives. Consumers come in contact with the substance daily and in some cases digest it without any ill effects. The Antimicrobial surface is environmentally and eco-friendly.

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