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2 Series RBS® LX BBQ
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2 Series RBS® LX BBQ

2 Series RBS® LX BBQ
Art Nr: 2000025143


 Price: 11999Kč (CZK) plus-shipping
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The 2 Series RBS LX gas barbecue will effortlessly become the heart of any outdoor entertaining area.

Food connoisseurs will appreciate the Even Temp™ heat distribution and side mounted RBS® ceramic burners that promote healthy cooking with fewer flare-ups. Lazy chefs will also enjoy easier cleaning thanks to Campingaz InstaClean® technology.

The integrated Culinary Modular Barbecue Accessory system ensures you’ll become a barbecue maestro, tantalising taste buds and cooking up an international storm in record time.

  • Cooking surface dimensions (cm²): 2,100
  • Cooking Dimensions (cm): 53 x 40
  • Burner: RBS® with 5 year warranty
  • Number of burners: 2
  • Power: 7.8 kW
  • Gas consumption: 568 g/h
  • Campingaz InstaClean® System: Yes
  • Cooking surface material: Enamelled Cast Iron
  • Cooking surface configuration: Grid
  • Ready for Culinary Modular Barbecue Accessories: Yes
  • Warming rack: 52.5 x 17.5 cm
  • Rotisserie Option: Yes
  • Cooking height: 93cm
  • Ignition: Piezo
  • Thermometer: Yes
  • Side table(s): Yes
  • Folding side table(s): 1
  • Side burner: No
  • Lid material: Steel & aluminum die cast
  • Trolley material: Steel
  • Trolley configuration: 2 doors, other sides closed
  • Wheels: 4 Casters
  • Cylinder support: No
  • Weight: 50.6 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm (open): 138 x 60 x 147
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm (closed): 138 x 60 x 120
  • Optional cover: Premium XL (2000027835), Universal XL (2000027840)

Feature-Highlights on one view

  • Culinary Modular System

    Discover the ease of multiple cooking and grilling options with Campingaz® Culinary Modular Barbecue System.

    Simply take out the inner ring of cast iron grid and drop in one of the Culinary Modular Barbecue accessories (sold separately). Why not serve up fresh pizza baked on a pizza stone? Or indulge in a delicious grilled paella made in a Spanish non-stick paella pan. If exotic stir-fries make your mouthwater then use the carbon steel wok with non-stick coating. Or grill your chicken to perfection on the poultry roaster. Perhaps you are just simply looking to upgrade your stamped steel grid to high quality cast iron to achieve steak perfection?

    The Campingaz® Culinary Modular Barbecue System offers every option your gourmet barbecue heart desires.

    System included on the following models: 4 Series RBS EXS, 4 Series RBS LXS, 4 Series RBS EXS , 3 Series RBS L, 2 Series RBS LX, 2 Series RBS LXS, 4 Series Cast Iron EXS, 3 Series Cast Iron EXS, 4 Series Classic LXS, 4 Series Classic LS Plus, 4 Series Woody LX, 3 Series Classic LS Plus, 3 Series Woody LX.

    Available as upgrade on the following models: 4 Series Classic LS, 4 Series Classic L, 4 Series Woody L, 3 Series Classic L, 3 Series Classic LS , 3 Series Woody L , 3 Series Woody LD, 4 Series Woody L.
  • Instaclean® system

    Cleaning your Campingaz barbecue has never been easier than with the patented Campingaz InstaClean® System. 

    Enjoy more time having fun with family and friends rather than spending hours cleaning your barbecue after an enjoyable grill party. The system allows you to remove all dishwasher safe parts in less than 60 seconds. They are sized to fit a standard dishwasher.

    This new patented system is featured on all Campingaz 3 and 4 Series barbecues

    Quick, simple and no mess involved!
  • Even Temp® - Even Heat Distribution

    Temperatures of and above 250°C are recommended for perfect direct grilling and searing.

    It is important to have such temperatures across most of the cooking surface - nothing is more annoying than having part of the food already well done while the rest is still uncooked.

    Our 3 & 4 Series grills reach temperatures above 250°C on the cooking surface so the grill can be used more efficiently. The control knobs allow the barbecue chef to decide where he wants to have really hot areas and where he wants to have less heat.
  • Radiant-Burner-System® - (RBS)

    Explore infinite cooking possibilities with our patented Radiant-Burner-System®! 

    Suitable for all kinds of food. Especially good for rotisserie and greasy foods.

    Benefits of this exclusive burner technology: 
    • Healthy cooking with less smoke and fewer flare-ups! 
    • Even heat distribution across the cooking surface
    • Various cooking options: direct grilling or indirect grilling with oven effect  
    • Easy cleaning for a prolonged lifetime of the burners

    How does the Radiant-Burner-System® work? 
    • Two individually adjustable ceramic burners are placed on the sidewalls of the firebox, grease and meat juices cannot drip on the burners
    • A central heat reflector redistributes the heat evenly across the cooking surface
    • Easy to maintain: no need to clean the vertically located burners

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