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The outstanding cooking performance of our Master Plancha range is generated by the patented Campingaz® Blue Flame Technology. 

Two powerful Blue Flame Burners evenly heat the entire cooking surface made of 6mm thick enamelled cast iron to provide the perfect plancha cooking temperature. 

The enamelled cast iron surface ensures evenly distributed, long-lasting heat across the cooking area.

Using the Campingaz® Master Plancha is intuitive, with fast set-up and integrated handles for easy transportation. 
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  • Patented Blue Flame Burners Plancha Series

    The patented Blue Flame Burners of the Campingaz® Planchas delivers exceptional even heat distribution.

    The two, wide, blue flame burners sit right below the 6mm enameled cast iron griddle to provide the right cooking temperature across the entire cooking surface.

    This ingenious Even Temp® Technology provides the optimum surface temperature for perfect plancha cooking.

    The patented Blue Flame Burners on all Campingaz® Master Series Planchas are guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Instastart® ignition for gas barbecues

    This special type of electronic ignition is a convenient push and turn-button lighting system designed specifically for our gas barbecues. Simply push and turn the button to ignite your barbecue.

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