Plancha BF XD Twin
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Plancha BF XD Twin

Plancha BF XD Twin
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We took our loved and tested Plancha and added the grid to it: Now, with the Plancha BF XD Twin, you can enjoy the advantages of cooking on a plancha, while keeping greasy food out of the fat! The ratio grill/griddle is about 40/60 to ensure that the cooking performance of each side is linked to a burner, while the larger side remains the Plancha griddle side. The included divider between the grid and the griddle prevents grease and flavor projections between the two zones.

Our grease drainage process makes for a low fat cooking and easy cleaning. For ultimate performance, the Plancha BF XD Twin features the Blue Flame technology offering outstandingly reliable heat across all of the cooking area. The cast iron cooking surface effectively conducts heat for perfectly cooked food. Once you have finished cooking, the Plancha BF XD Twin has been designed for easy cleaning with a removable grease cup that can be washed in the dishwasher. 

  • Cooking surface (cm²): 2400
  • Cooking Dimensions (cm): 60 x 40
  • Burners: Blue Flame
  • Number of burners: 2
  • Power (kW): 6
  • Gas consumption (g/h): 439
  • Cooking surface material: enamelled cast iron
  • Cooking surface configuration: Plancha/Grid (60/40 ratio)
  • Ignition: electronic
  • Weight (kg): 23
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) in cm: 66 x 53 x 22

Feature-Highlights on one view

  • Patented Blue Flame Burner

  • Easy to Clean Plancha

  • Delicious inspirations from appetizers to desserts

    With up to 350 degrees, the Campingaz® plancha offers an optimum temperature range, especially for steaks, in which the hot plate caramelizes the sugars of the meat and ensures full-bodied roasted aromas. In addition to meat and fish, seafood or Julienne prepared vegetables and poultry are a characteristic example of the variety à la plancha is able to cook. Get inspired!
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