3 in 1 Grill (CV)
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3 in 1 Grill (CV)

3 in 1 Grill (CV Version)
Art Nr: 2000008369


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Versatile, high power cooking appliance with every cooking function to hand including grill, griddle and stove. Easy to transport with a compact design that cleverly conceals a large cooking surface to create family feasts, from a hearty breakfast to an evening meal for four. For long burn times, choose the Campingaz cylinder version or the Campingaz cartridge version when compactness and convenience are top priorities.

• Multi-functional; amaze your family and friends with a different meal every night.
• Easy to use, with cooking lid and even heat for perfect and stress-free cooking, making everyone happy.
• Easy-clean with removable grease pan; spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning.
• It can all be packed neatly away in a carry bag, keeping everything tidy at the campsite and in the car.

• Large cooking surface
• Cooking area: 645cm²
• Removable cooktop / grease pan
• Compact and nesting unit
• Piezo ignition
• 1500W performance-appropriate oval burner
• Porcelain-coated Lid
• Secure, locking latch
• Cooking surfaces lock down for transport/storage
• Boiling time: 8min
• Running time R907 = 25h
• Running time CV470 = 4h50
• Weight: 5.6kg

Ref: 2000008369 (CV version)

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  • Multi-cooking options

    The essential camping companion with endless cooking options! Why not prepare an English breakfast with beans, sausages and toast? Or perhaps grill some fresh fish whilst cooking some pasta?
    Stoves with Multi-cooking options offers the widest range of cooking options (stove top, grill, griddle, plancha, wok or roast - depending on the product).
  • Easy to Transport

    All the components can be stored inside the stove, making it easy to carry and transport. The legs are easy to assemble/disassemble and easy to store with the stove.

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