Plancha Line

Enjoy incredible cooking versatility with the sleek and stylish Plancha series from Campingaz.

Available in both standalone and table top models, the Plancha series features high-performance steel burners and an enamel coated, cast iron cooking surface that offers consistent heat for even cooking.

Perfect for creating a wide range of different dishes, the Planch series is perfect for families or groups who want to enjoy eating outdoors without compromising on variety.
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  • Patented Blue Flame Burners Plancha Series

    The patented Blue Flame Burners of the Campingaz® Planchas delivers exceptional even heat distribution.

    The two, wide, blue flame burners sit right below the 6mm enameled cast iron griddle to provide the right cooking temperature across the entire cooking surface.

    This ingenious Even Temp® Technology provides the optimum surface temperature for perfect plancha cooking.

    The patented Blue Flame Burners on all Campingaz® Master Series Planchas are guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Delicious inspirations from appetizers to desserts

    With up to 350 degrees, the Campingaz® plancha offers an optimum temperature range, especially for steaks, in which the hot plate caramelizes the sugars of the meat and ensures full-bodied roasted aromas. In addition to meat and fish, seafood or Julienne prepared vegetables and poultry are a characteristic example of the variety à la plancha is able to cook. Get inspired!
  • The right way to clean the plancha

    The plancha’s cooking surface enameled coating makes it easy to clean in no time. 

    Simply pour a little room temperature water on the still hot plancha plate and remove food leftovers. Afterwards, with help of the spatula, scrape the food and fat residue into the grease cup. 

    Please do not use ice cubes for the purpose of cleaning heated surfaces, since such a thermal shock can damage the plancha’s enameling.

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