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RBS® flare-free Radiant Burners

The Radiant Burner System places burners to the side rather than below. It's a simple but radical idea that means juices and grease from cooking don't land on the flames. 

The utmost Campingaz® barbecue experience - beautifully incorporated into a ight and elegant design, the far more even heat distribution (due to innovative heat reflectors) and healthier, faster cooking through flare-up prevention and two infrared burners make up our most premium barbecue.
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  • Radiant-Burner-System® - (RBS)

    Explore infinite cooking possibilities with our patented Radiant-Burner-System®! 

    Suitable for all kinds of food. Especially good for rotisserie and greasy foods.

    Benefits of this exclusive burner technology: 
    • Healthy cooking with less smoke and fewer flare-ups! 
    • Even heat distribution across the cooking surface
    • Various cooking options: direct grilling or indirect grilling with oven effect  
    • Easy cleaning for a prolonged lifetime of the burners

    How does the Radiant-Burner-System® work? 
    • Two individually adjustable ceramic burners are placed on the sidewalls of the firebox, grease and meat juices cannot drip on the burners
    • A central heat reflector redistributes the heat evenly across the cooking surface
    • Easy to maintain: no need to clean the vertically located burners

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