RBS Technology

• Ceramic radiant burners combined with the aluminized steel heat reflector that
sits on the base of the barbecue firebox, it is removable for easy cleaning.
• The reflector distributes heat more evenly across the full cooking area which
minimises hot spots and cold spots.
• The optimised average temperature is between 250°C and 300°C, above
this temperature it is too hot to cook effectively.
• As the burners as not directly under the food, grease from food can not
easily reach the burners, therefore there are no flare-ups and minimal smoke.
• As there are no flare-ups and the there is a more even cooking surface you
have more control over your cooking and therefore you are less likely to burn the food.
• Also, as the burners are situated on the side, food debris and grease build
up does not collect on the burners.
• Due to the radiation form of cooking from the burners, it is possible to cook
with a rotisserie, with the lid down to create an oven, standard grilling with
the lid open or closed.
• The burners are fully adjustable giving complete control over cooking.