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C-Line 2400 S
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C-Line 2400 S

C-Line 2400 S
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Leave pre-conceived ideas about barbecue cooking at the gate, the new C-line™2400 S features an intelligent new cooking system that will change your barbecue cooking experience forever.

The exclusive RBS cooking technology from Campingaz® is a revolutionary system that barbecues food in a completely different way. Featuring ceramic burners on the side of the barbecue in favour of a traditionally placed burner underneath, you get all of the traditional barbecue flavour without the smoke and flare-ups.

The clever part of this intelligent cooking system is the exclusive new heat reflector on the base. This clever feature offers better all-around cooking efficiency and an exceptionally even cooking temperature across the entire surface of the extra-large grill with an optimised average cooking temperature, to ensure you have the best cooking conditions for cooking succulent and juicy foods, first-time, every-time.

A sleek metal trolley offers a contemporary, urban style barbecue with a wealth of features for user convenience including a large cooking surface for larger families or groups with a panoramic view window in the lid for more control over your cooking, no matter what style of cooking you undertake from traditional grilling to spit-roasting, even Plancha style cooking.

  • Large cooking surface of 2,450 cm²
  • Double enamelled cast-iron grids
  • Split grid – in 2 parts for manageable cleaning
  • 2 side tables, 1 with hooks for hanging utensils and cloths
  • Large panoramic window, provides a clear and extensive view of the contents, you do not need to open the lid and let out heat to see inside
  • 2 shelves in metal
  • Cylinder support with metal cover with 6 supporting base rods
  • Power: 9.4 kW
  • Gas consumption: 684 g/h
  • Side tables with hooks
  • Metallic support shelves
  • Weight: 58 kg

C-Line Range Features:

  • Manufactured in our own factory in Italy.
  • Improved RBS technology
    • Ceramic radiant burners combined with the aluminized steel  heat reflector that sits on the base of the barbecue firebox, it is removable for easy cleaning.
    • The reflector distributes heat more evenly across the full cooking area which minimises hot spots and cold spots.
    • The optimised average temperature is between 250°C and 300°C, above this temperature it is too hot to cook effectively.
    • As the burners as not directly under the food, grease from food can not easily reach the burners, therefore there are no flare-ups and minimal smoke.
    • As there are no flare-ups and the there is a more even cooking surface you have more control over your cooking and therefore you are less likely to burn the food.
    • Also, as the burners are situated on the side, food debris and grease build up does not collect on the burners.
    • Due to the radiation form of cooking from the burners, it is possible to cook with a rotisserie, with the lid down to create an oven, standard grilling with the lid open or closed. Thanks to the cast iron cooking grids (not on C-Line 1900), conduction cooking also takes effect.
    • The burners are fully adjustable giving complete control over cooking.
    • Efficient – compared with RBS Classic and Grande models there is a reduction of up to 33% in gas.
  • Enamelled grids are easy to clean and they are resistant to rust thanks to the enamel coating. However, if dropped, the enamel can chip off. They are perfect for use in a barbecue where convection or radiation cooking is to be used so that the heat and electromagnetic waves can come in contact with the food.
  • Double enamelled cast-iron grids (excluding C-Line 1900)
  • Cast iron has high thermal conducting properties, heat retention, diffusion properties and can withstand very high temperatures but it is brittle so care must be taken when moving and cleaning the grids.
  • The enamel coating over the cast iron prevents rusting, eliminates the need to season the metal, and allows for more thorough cleaning.
  • Painted steel hinged lid with window and bottom casting.
  • Bakelite handle remains cool during use.
  • Removable grease drawer – excess grease collects in the draw, it can easily be removed and cleaned.
  • Articulated warming rack allows you to prepare food in advance and then keep it warm until you are ready to serve.
  • The articulation brings the warming rack away from the cooking area when the lid is open, this provides you with a clear space to easily reach all areas of the grill. You can also use the warming rack as a slow-cooking function with the lid in the closed position. The warming rack can be removed and easily cleaned.
  • Electronic ignition  - Electronic igniters work with a battery, the battery creates the spark that ignites the barbecue.
  • The C-Line barbecue trolley is constructed from powder coated steel, powder coating is extremely heat resistant.
  • Rubber wheels – some hard plastic wheels can easily crack, especially when the barbecue is wheeled over gravel or hard and uneven surface and when the weather gets cold and it suffers thermal shock. Rubber wheels are more durable and thanks to their flexibility they are not susceptible to cracking.
  • Fixed side tables with hooks – stable and strong to hold plates, condiments and sauces.
  • Accurate temperature gauge.
  • Operates off Butane and/or Propane.

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