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Camp Bistro

Die Geräte der Linie Camp Bistro sind stark in der Leistung, praktisch und vielseitig im Betrieb, ideal für den Einsatz unterwegs oder auch zuhause. Legen Sie mal eine Bistro-Pause ein - jederzeit und überall!



  • Stopgaz™ System - safety device

    Gas is powerful and fuels the flame on a stove to produce heat. However, without a flame, gas can be dangerous. Left flowing unnoticed in an enclosed space, gas can cause asphyxiation.

    The Stopgaz™ System is a built-in flame safety device that stops gas from flowing when there is no flame. *How does it work?

    When igniting a flame on a stove by pushing a Piezo ignition button, a valve in the device is opened letting the gas flow. The heat of flame generates an electric current, holding the valve in an open position. If a gust of wind or other force extinguishes the flame, the mechanism inside the device cools down and the electric current no longer flows, closing the valve and stopping the gas.

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